HTH 50 years anniversary

HTH has always taken the first step

Fifty years of history can be put to a lot of uses. A firm belief that progress comes from taking the lead is an immutable part of HTH’s DNA.


Ensuring that the products are the best on the market in their price range is a part of HTH’s DNA. 

Back in the 1960s, Hans Henning and Tonny Haahr combined authentic craftsmanship with a modular kitchen concept.

The same focus on thinking along new lines still applies today when developing new products. Over the years, HTH has listened to what customers need and kept up with contemporary fashion.

HTH model VH-7 Concept

Model VH-7: HTH rethinks the handle-free kitchen.

The 2010s

HTH rethinks the handle-free kitchen: The VH-7 model is based around beautiful and functional milled grooves, which give the kitchen its special expression with slim vertical and simple horizontal lines.

HTH through the years:

The modernised store concept of the future. The idea here is to merge the physical store with the online universe.

HTH through the years:

‘The Blue Charter from HTH’ – a guidebook intended to help customers through their kitchen purchase. The book describes in detail the service customers can expect at HTH.

The 2000s

Colours were still all the rage in the noughties, but the white kitchen has become a true classic. Aluminium and steel are ‘in’ for all areas of the kitchen. The handle-free kitchen is hugely successful.

HTH 50 years anniversary

STRAIGHT - HTH introduces the ‘Straight’ model, which sets a trend for the noughties’ door style throughout Scandinavia.

HTH 50 years anniversary

The white kitchen: Customers primarily choose white and other light shades for their kitchen, but there’s plenty of room for colours in the 1990s.

The 1990s

The white kitchen remains a firm favourite with customers, but there are plenty of other kitchen colours to choose from. Varnish and laminate are used for finishes.

HTH through the years:

HTH Køkkenforum prints 1.2 million copies of its catalogue. The publication states that HTH Køkkenforum – the biggest kitchen business in the Nordic region – also encompasses Danica, uno form and Gør Det Selv HTH.

HTH through the years:

34 HTH stores in Denmark, 33 in Norway, 30 in Sweden and 9 in Finland. The com­pany also has stores on the Faeroe Isles, Iceland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Japan, Australia, the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Kuwait.

The 1980s

In 1981, HTH launches its first white kitchen as one of the company’s three new lines for the year. A major competition is held to give customers the chance to name the three kitchens. The winning names are: the White Food Workshop, Ever Green and Bohemian. 

HTH 50 years anniversary

HTH Profile White: A big seller in the 1980s and for many years thereafter.

HTH 50 years anniversary

HTH Pyramid Oak – is a hit for years and years

The 1970s

New kitchen functions are introduced in the 1970s: units with rollers and chopping boards, special units with a built-in ironing board, units with smoked glass doors, and pull-out tables with space to seat 3–4 people. When the table is folded up, it fills no more than a standard drawer. The kitchen island also appears for the first time, and large cooker hoods are added to the kitchen.

HTH through the years:

HTH changes its approach from selling through timber outlets to franchising – without, however, being aware of the official term for this new form of business. The first contract covered two pages of A4.

HTH through the years:

When the Haahr brothers established HTH, they did so on the basis of the following motto: It must be possible to do it better and more cheaply.

The 1960s

A single Natural Oak kitchen model marks the start of HTH. In tall units with two doors, the veneer used to finish the doors is cut from the same piece of wood. This impresses the professional fitters, who conclude that HTH delivers the best kitchen for the price.

HTH 50 years anniversary

HTH Natural Oak - Became a classic in the 1960s.